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About Me

I generally don't like to talk about myself.  That's just me.  I prefer to talk about you but since we don't know each other...

I am a lawyer with an MBA.  I have been in real estate since I was 18.  It has been in me all my life   I am a real estate broker who owned and sold my real estate brokerage before the crash.  I am an investor and owned a company that I eventually sold to a Fortune 500 Company.  I have three kids and two dogs (I only like one of my dogs but the other one belongs to my daughter and she would kill me if I got rid of it).  My wife is cool and we enjoy each other's company.   She teaches kids with special needs.  I think she’d be a great coach in her own right.  I love luxury travel, am a foodie and love to drink good single malt scotch.  I make mistakes. I’ve made many.  I just get up again and again and again.  My goal with everything is to get better.  When the market

crashed in 2008, it hurt.  I recovered. I transformed.  That’s what I do.  That’s what I’ll help you do if you let me.

I have the highest rating Martindale Hubbell awards to lawyers as rated by their peers, am a Board Certified real estate expert and am a past recipient of the Entrepeneur of the Year Award.  I have tried cases in state and federal courts .  I hate billable hours because I find them inefficient and a poor barometer of value.  Still, I can say I'm doing what I want to do.  If I wasn't, I wouldn't be doing it.  I run a great company, have (mostly) great clients and coach where I know I can help.  I love coaching and consulting because for me, happiness is bringing value.  

That’s where you come in.  I am very busy.  I have lots to do.  I don’t depend on coaching to feed my family.  It brings me joy.  The idea of helping someone find their clarity is something that gets me downright fired up.  Don’t get me wrong its no hobby and my work is not probono. Still, what I do feels more like a mission than a job.  

I am published in two Florida Bar publications involving real estate used by attorneys throughout the State.  I have also been published in Affluent magazine and other places I can’t really remember. 

I have an amazing rolodex and have been more fortunate than I can imagine to advise and work with some of the most prominent business people in the world.  I have worked with an ex-CEO of a Fortune 500 Company, a billionaire hedge fund giant, a genius sports agent and real estate magnate.  I have also been privileged to work with tile layers, housekeepers, cooks and valet guys.  

I am blunt.  A truthteller.  I curse like a sailor. I hate snobbery or people that judge people by what they have.  I am viciously saracastic and love a good joke.  I demand results from the people I work with and even more from myself.  I only work with winners because I want to make a difference and I can’t help someone who isn’t committed to helping themselves.  I don’t know how to fail, only how to prove something didn’t work (a riff on an old Edison quote).  I’m a good listener and a give way better advice than I follow. 

I only work with people I like.  Period.